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Vortex Mixer

(Vortex MixerVortex Mixer(Adjustable and Fixed speed Models
New vortex mixer suitable for touch or continuous operation
MX-S with wide speed range: 0-2500rpm, stepless speed regulation of motor
MX-S can be used for various shaking application with optional adapters for Eppendorf etc
Adapters securely clicked onto appliance in any position
Sturdy cast casing
Specially designed silicone feet and steel base for excellent vibration damping
Eccentric with oilless ball bearings


۱۱۰-۱۲۰/۲۲۰-۲۴۰ ۱۱۰-۱۲۰/۲۲۰-۲۴۰ Voltage[VAC]
۵۰/۶۰ ۵۰/۶۰ Frequency[Hz]
۶۰ ۶۰ Power[W]
Orbital Orbital Shaking movement
۴ ۴ Orbital diameter[mm]
۵۸ ۵۸ Motor rating input[W]
۱۰ ۱۰ Motor rating output[W]
۳۰ ۳۰ Permissible on time[%]
۲۵۰۰ ۰-۲۵۰۰ Speed range[rpm]
Analog Scale< Speed display