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This distinguished SKIR model series of Shaking Incubator is openly SKIR-601recognized by our worldwide end-users as the most suitable & high efficiency equipment for a large variety of laboratory tests.

Excellent-performance Digital PID controller features Auto-tuning function to successfully enhance end-user’s easy and quick control.
According to either opening or closing of the durable door with its up-to-date design to enhance interior decoration in end-users’ laboratory, advanced safety function automatically is operated to protect end-users’ invaluable test sample with suspension of heating, alarm and check function on reactivating.
Customer-oriented ON/OFF functions feature separately for each shaking and culture function.
The high-performance motor features accurate speed control without vibration.
As the superior platform starts little by little and when stops, it also brings to a halt slowly so that it prevents test samples from getting split.
With Position Sensor and Temperature Sensor which features excellent sensing of disconnection and indication function, it provides end-users with very reliable test environments.
In case of sudden stoppage of power electricity that end-users do not perceive, end-users can select whether operation should be continued or not.
With one single unit, end-users can easily select either Orbital motion or Reciprocating motion to end-users’ purpose.(Optional)
Shaking motion automatically stops when door is opened for end-users’ safety.
High-class acrylic window enables end-users to see and check it for sample observation without opening the door and with this feature, end-users can make sample observation without any variation at temperature.
To protect overheating above setting temperature, excellent-performance Over Temperature Limit function can be automatically operated for safety.
Easy to check current operational state with Digital LED display.
This advanced motor features very quiet operation with very minimum noise.
To meet end-users’ diverse purpose, there are accessories lineup like Flask clamp and Spring wire rack.
Very easy Auto-tuning function features the most strong point to enhance end-users’ convenience.

SKIR-601 Model
Forced Convection & Rotation Type Type
Amb ±۵ to 60 Temp Range
±۰٫۵ Accuracy
Digital PID Controller Controller
SSR Controller Regulator
N/A Compressor
۲۰ ۳۵۰ RPM (maximum) Shaking Speed
۲۰ m/m Stroke
۹۹hr 59min Timer
۴۴۰ x 390 Platform Size
۵۰۰ x 550 x 880 Dimensions
Steel Plate With Powder Coating and Acrylic material Material
Over Temperature Limit / Over Current Glass Fuse Safety Device
AC 230V, 50 /60hz Supply Voltage & Frequency
SKIR-601-FLS100 / 300 /  ۱۰۰۰ (۴۴۰ x 390) Flask Size
FLS 100 30EA ۵۰ ۱۰۰ ml
FLS 300 16EA ۲۰۰ ۳۰۰ ml
 FLS 1000 12EA ۵۰۰~۱۰۰۰ml