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Most suitable for various experiments that requirsbod-202e low-temperature condition like microorganism cultivation, cell culture process of animals and plants, good storage and desalting process of enzyme extract.
With the solid double door including the excellent tempered safety glass of thickness 5mm, it enables end-users to easily monitor inside the chamber without any variation of temperature.
The excellent quality of magnetic gum packing for the external door.
User-oriented design of shelves make you adjust each space of shelves without difficulty.
Round cornered chamber to protect contamination and easy to clean.
With forced air circulation inside the chamber, it maintains optimum uniformity of distribution of temperature.
Micro-processor digital PID controller provides you with high precision at temperature

SSVO-502 Model
۹۱ℓ Capacity
۴۵۰ x 450 x450mm Internal Dimension (L x D x H)
۶۱۰ x 740 x 1150mm External Dimension (L x D x H)
۶۰۰w Heater Capacity
۲ea Shelves
SBOD Series Model
Forced Convection Type Type
۰to 60 Temp Range
±۰٫۵ Accuracy
Digital PID-A Controller Controller
SSR controller Ragulator
Pt-100AΩ Thermocouple
۹۹ min 59 sec Timer Range
Digital Display Controller
Stainless Steel plate Materials Interior Construction
Steel Plate With Powder coating Exterior Construction
Glass wool Insulation
Double door. Magnetic Gum packing. Door packing
High Temp safety glass 5mm Inner Door
Stainless Steel ( Adjustable type) Shelves
Over Temperature Limit / Over Current Glass Fuse Safety Device
Air cooling unit system Freezer Compressor
AC 230V, 50/60Hz Supply Voltage & Frequency