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BlueSpin LED Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

Features of MS-H280-Pro
Digital control system is ideal for applications for physical – chemical analysis and biotech labs.
– Heating temperature up to 280°C
– Stainless steel with ceramic coated hotplate resists to corrosion
– External temperature sensor PT1000 is available and control accuracy of ±۱°C, real-time control medium temperature.
– LED display temperature and speed.
– ۵۰℃ HOT warning indicates residual hotplate temperature.
– ABS casing with fire retardant material, resistance of weak acid and alkali

MS-H280-Pro31 42341

φ۱۳۵(۵ inch) Dimension of work plate [mm]
Staninless steel with ceramic coated hotplate Work plate material
DC motor Motor type
۵ Motor rating input [W]
۳ Motor rating output [W]
۳۱۵ Power [W]
۱۰۰-۱۲۰/۲۰۰-۲۴۰ Voltage [VAC]
۵۰/۶۰ Frequency [Hz]
۱ Stirring positions
۳ Max. stirring quantity[H2O], L
۵۰ Max. magnetic bar(L x Ø) [mm]
۱۰۰-۱۵۰۰ Speed range [rpm]
LED Speed display
۵۰۰ Heating output [W]
RT-280, increment 1 Heating temperature range [°C]
±۱(<100°C)±۱(>100°C) Control accuracy of work plate [°C]
۳۲۰ Safety temperature [°C]
LED Temperature display
±۱ Temperature display accuracy [°C]
PT1000 External temperature sensor
±۰٫۵ Control accuracy with external temperature sensor PT1000 [±°C]
۵۰°C Heating warning [℃]
N/A Remote control (RS232 interface)
IP21 Protection class according to DIN EN60529
۱۵۰x260x80 Dimension [W x D x H] mm
۱٫۸ Weight [kg]
۵-۴۰ Permissible ambient temperature [℃]
۸۰% Permissible relative humidity