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MicroPlate Mixer

MicroPlate MixerMicroPlate Mixer

Compact, universal small Microplate Mixer suitable for small vessels and 96 microtiter plates
Wide range of attachments, easy installation and replacement.
Continuous operation
Stepless speed regulation of motor
External rotor brushless motor reduces operating noises and increases motor life

Voltage [VAC]
۵۰/۶۰ Frequency[Hz]
۲۰ Power[W]
Orbital Shaking movement
۴٫۵ Orbital diameter[mm]
۰٫۵ Max. shaking weight(with attachments)[kg]
External rotor brushless motor Motor type
۱۸ Motor rating input[W]
۱۰ Motor rating output [W]
۰-۱۵۰۰ Speed range[rpm]
Scale Speed display
۲۶۰×۱۵۰×۸۰ Dimensions[mm]
۳ Weight[kg]
۵-۴۰ Permissible ambient temperature [℃]
۸۰% Permissible relative humidity
IP21 Protection class acc. to DIN EN60529